ceiling lights

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling lights that you choose to install in your home do more than simply provide light for your everyday activities. You can really express your personality through your lighting choices, and ceiling lights are no exception. Taking time to weigh the pros and cons of different kinds of lighting can ensure that you end up with a look that you love and that meets your needs as well. With all of the different types available, it’s important to do your research before choosing something you may later regret.

ceiling lights


Chandeliers are some of the fanciest types of ceiling lights available. While it is more common now to see them in most any room, they used to be reserved for elegant dining rooms or fancy bedrooms. They come in so many different styles now that it’s easy to find one that appeals to you. It’s important to size a chandelier so that you don’t end up with one that dominates the room or appears too small for the space.


Track Lighting

This type of lighting is perfect for accenting lighting or for focusing attention on a part of the room. While these light fixtures used to be straight and boring, they now can be curved or colored to meet your needs.


Pendant Lights

Perfect for in a kitchen or by a bed, pendant lights hang like a chandelier but only have a single light source instead of a multitude of bulbs. They can direct light up for ambient lighting or down for task lighting or to focus on a workspace.


Fluorescent Lights

Usually used in kitchens or bathrooms, fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and provide more light per dollar than other fixtures. If you’re looking to make a room really bright without spending a fortune then this may be how you want to go.


Recessed Lighting

Perfect for drawing attention to a piece of art or to provide task lighting over a desk, recessed lighting (or can lighting) is placed in the ceiling so there are no fixtures that hang down. This means that they don’t disrupt the look of a room but still provide the necessary light.

Picking your perfect ceiling lights will really depend on what you need the light for. This list should provide you with some information to begin your search. Start by thinking about how much light you need and the style of fixture that you’re interested in to narrow down your search.