Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is amongst one of the most social rooms of the house. It is a place where friends and family come together to enjoy a relaxing, pleasant meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a place where people can start their day is a bright, fresh atmosphere or where they let go of the day’s worries with a hearty meal. Whatever your use of the dining room, ensure it is a tranquil area with perfect dining room lighting – especially if you’re entertaining.

Dinner parties

Dinner parties have become more and more popular over the years which is why it is important to be able to adapt your dining room lighting to suit whatever the occasion. Think back to when you first walked in to a high end restaurant and was taken back by the setting. Sensual lighting would have filled the spaces, bouncing off the many glasses that would have been placed on tables.
A main lighting fixture is the perfect way to grab the attention of your guests and make them feel right at home. Crystal chandeliers certainly give that wow factor if that is the look you desire. These allow reflections to bounce off each individual crystal to fill your room with glistening sparkle. Ensure you opt for dimmer bulbs to create a warmer hue. When the dinner is almost over this is when it is a good time to turn your light down to create perfect dining room lighting.

Size doesn’t matter

Small kitchen area? No problem. Lighting is a perfect way to benefit your small area from the use of small table lamps, candles and spotlights. Dining room lighting is all about achieving the perfect atmosphere to suit the occasion. A cluster of lighting going down the table would also benefit small areas and dining room tables by illuminating the table and giving the impression of a larger space. Take care with dining room lighting and make the most of your space through creating a soft, relaxing area.

Sunday lunch

Hosting the weekly Sunday lunch get together? Fill your dining room with not only natural light but also fresh, mild lighting. Avoid harsh tones and fluorescent lighting in your dining room area as this may put off your guests whilst they try to enjoy your hospitality.