Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Home Lighting Option

Lighting a home is a powerful thing. It can have major impacts on everything from your brain power to sleeping patterns. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your home is properly lit for the best experience. There are multiple home lighting options to choose from in the market. Here are some expert tips on choosing the best home lighting option.

Consider the Function of the Room

Specific types of home lighting options serve specific needs, depending on the function of a room. Lighting functions can be either task, ambient or accent. Ambient lighting functions as the overall lighting option for any room. It gives your home natural light. Ambient lighting can be realized using pendant lights, wall sconces, and chandeliers.

Task lighting is meant to light up a reading or working area. Such areas require brighter lighting than normal ambient lighting. The aim of task lighting is to focus light on a specific area. The best task lighting options are under-cabinet lights in the kitchen and desk lamps in a reading area. Track lighting and pendants can also be used for task lighting depending on how bright the bulbs are and how they are layered.

Accent lighting option is meant to highlight a specific area of a room such as artwork. The aim of this lighting option is to create a shadow effect around the artwork or object to offer a dramatic effect. Landscape lights and wall lights are great options for accent lighting.

Choosing the Right Bulbs

A bulb is the main source of light in a home. Therefore, the choice of a bulb determines the quality of lighting. To get the best home lighting experience, you would have to choose the best bulbs for every function. The main types of bulbs include florescent, LEDs, Halogen, and incandescent bulbs.

Florescent bulbs use less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. They emit a cool lighting tone and last longer. Efficiency levels of LED bulbs are relatively similar to those of florescent, but they last longer. LED bulbs are most recommendable for direct lighting. Halogen bulbs are best suited to offer a white bright light, comparable to that of natural light and are suitable for task lighting. Incandescent bulbs are the traditional lighting bulbs that offer a glowing warm light, but they are less energy efficient.

It assists a great deal to have some basic knowledge on the different types of bulbs and how they work. That way, you can be able to choose the best home lighting bulb to give your home the best lighting experience.