table lamps

One Table Lamp, Five Different Ways

The lighting you use can make or break a room. Without enough illumination, your precious décor can go unnoticed, not to mention how the darkness can affect your productivity. In fact, bad lighting can make you appear unattractive, as well as put you in a foul mood. So, if you have a favorite table lamp in mind, it may be wise to experiment on where you place it in your home or office.

Maximize Your Lighting Potential

table lamps

Good table lamps can make all the difference, but only if it ends up in the right place. Since these ultra-posh lighting sources are not just for tables anymore, getting creative with their placement is both fun and rewarding. Try some of these imaginative spots for instant interior inspiration:

  1. The Entry Way

Light up your life with a table lamp shining as a welcoming beacon when you walk in the door. Say goodbye to unflattering overhead lights and say hello to constructive creativity.

  1. The Workspace

Those old desk lamps are no fun, and most of them look pretty much the same unless you get an expensive one from a well-known designer. Why not save some money and time by improving your workspace the artistic way?

  1. The Bedroom Nightstand

At the end of the day, most people want to unwind with subdued lighting in their boudoir. Intense ceiling lamps don’t do the trick, so try a shaded table lamp instead and see if that helps you relax.

  1. The Kitchen Counter

With high enough cabinets, it’s easy to place an attractive table lamp on your kitchen countertops. Such an idea was virtually unheard of until recently, when a reputable designer broke the mold with one of her own. Maybe it’s time to play copycat?

  1. The Bookshelf

Many modern-day bookshelves are just that: a place to stack books, magazines, and CDs. How boring! Mix it up with a lamp that coordinates with your existing home or office décor to provide the perfect light for reading while transforming an otherwise unnoticed piece of furniture into a whimsical work of art.

There are no rules when it comes to using table lamps in your home or office. As long as you have a proper power source and enough space for it to sit, these lights can go almost anywhere. Don’t’ be afraid to think outside the box to create your own unique ambience.